Q: What is Career Beginnings Mentoring Program’s Mission?

A: CBMP’s mission is to transition youth from high school into higher education and vocations so they become successful, prepared, contributing adults.

Q: What are the requirements to be a mentor?

A: Interested volunteers should review and complete the CBMP Mentor Application and follow the specific instructions within the application. Typically mentors spend three hours per month with their mentees at pre-planned educational and career oriented activities, and one to three hours in individually planned activities.

Q: Who does Career Beginnings Mentoring Program support?

A: Career Beginnings assists graduating high school students from low/moderate income families in Santa Ana transition into higher education and careers to fulfill their potential as contributing members of the Santa Ana community. Without this help, many of these B- or C students become discouraged and drop out of school. During the past several years, CBMP students have had a graduation rate of 97%.

Q: How long is the program commitment?

A: Career Beginnings Mentoring Program runs during the school year from July to May. Many mentors stay in touch with their students after they graduate and continue to be a source of support and guidance.

Q: What is the quickest way to get a hold of Career Beginnings?

A: If you have any additional questions, please contact Career Beginnings Mentoring Program by email at careerbeginningsmp@gmail.com.

Q: Is there training for the new mentors?

A: Normally a formal training session is conducted prior to the beginning of the school term. All mentors are required to attend a training session. If you have an interest in attending an orientation/training session to gain more information about our program and the students that we serve please contact us by email at careerbeginningsmp@gmail.com.