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Career Beginnings Students Express Their Thoughts

...I would like to express how honored and thankful I am for you that you recognize me as being a worthy candidate in the honors of the scholarship to be applied to my future of being a Juvenile Probation Officer by helping me out with books, my transportation to school, and giving me a chance to be relaxed from the stresses of supporting my son and putting myself through school. It is individuals like you that really give inspirations to students like me who really just need people to believe in them.

Rosa Salazar

Being a commuter it's definitely more difficult being a part of more because I'm not here that often and costs can add up. I've had a part time job ever since I started but the financial help I’ve received from Career Beginnings has been a true blessing. From textbooks, to parking passes, and gas this scholarship has been an incredible help. I’m very excited for what's to come and very thankful for the help I’ve been offered through Career Beginnings.

Alondra Aquirre

…there is only so much that I can learn in school and put to good use in the real world….My mentor was kind enough to go out of her way to …help my buy professional clothes. This act of kindness helped me truly feel prepared for the future and ready to go to interviews and other professional events…"

Sarenna Cech

Being the first in my family that will be able to attend college, they (my parents) can’t give me the information. I need to begin my college goals….My mentor guided me through the FAFSA application…and (he) have me the hard facts of reality in getting loans, paying bills,…I can proudly say that I have been accepted to all of the colleges that I applied to…and it was Career Beginnings that gave me the tools and knowledge to begin this journey.” 

Melissa Reyes

Thanks to Career Beginnings I was able to meet a great mentor…who not only provided me with information about college, ….but helped me learn to do my taxes, which is something I plan to teach my own family.”

Sandy Mariscal

The program Career Beginnings is clearly an outstanding program that is dedicated to working hard to get students to continue with the education (after high school).”

Guadalupe Lazaro

The program (Career Beginnings) showed me and helped me learn that I can be successful in any way…..each mentor is like a role model.; my mentor…always makes sure that we are headed in the right direction and succeed in the future.” 

Anna Colin

She (my mentor) has made me into a more confident person, and trustworthy of my instincts, without over thinking the process. I know that even as I go off to college, my mentor will be there for me me any chance she gets and I will be forever grateful to have her in my life.”

Brenda Garcia

My mentor was friendly, answered my questions and the Career Beginnings program helped me to make more responsible choices….”

Armando Stern

Career Beginnings has shown me many things that I wouldn’t have learned from other people or clubs available at my school, and for that I’m grateful I joined.”

Alma Ubina

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