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About Us



Since 1987, the Career Beginnings of Orange County Mentoring Program (CBMP) has helped students accomplish their goals: graduating from high school, moving on to post-secondary education, finding promising careers, and making positive contributions back to the community. CBMP has developed strong working relationships with the Santa Ana Unified School District and business professionals from the community. Together, they provide mentorships and scholarships to young adults of the Santa Ana community. The program receives guidance from an Advisory Board and is run by a small administrative staff and a volunteer Board of Directors, many of whom also serve as mentors. We receive support from individuals and institutions in the communityThrough our work, we have been able to further ensure the success of our graduates in college, their careers, and beyond.

What is a CBMP Mentor?

The role of the adult mentor is crucial to the success of the program. A good mentor is a person who:

  • Likes and gets along well with young people

  • Is self-confident and resourceful

  • A person that can provide good advice on college and careers.

  • Has had a “mentor” of his/her own and recognizes the value of such a relationship

  • Lives or works near the City of Santa Ana

What are Mentors expected to do?

  • Commit to four to six hours a month

  • Serve as a guide/advisor to one student for nine to ten months

  • Attend monthly workshops focusing on college and career plans during the school year with the student

  • Meet face to face with the student at least once a month to assure that the student is “on target” for college and financial aid plans

  • Contact the student at least one other time each month to check on his/her progress

  • Invite the student to his/her workplace

What support will the Mentors receive? 

The Career Beginnings staff is fully aware that establishing any human relationship takes time, patience and effort. To support the mentors and students in this process, we provide the following:

  • An orientation session

  • Group activities

  • Training sessions

  • Individual follow-up

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